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Syndic Corp is a boutique global business service entity. It partners with its clients to deliver end-to-end customer engagement services, technology innovation and support, process optimization, and business improvements. Syndic transforms the customer experience, and streamlines industry-specific processes to provide the highest value from every customer interaction. Focusing on four geo-regions (US, Africa, Middle East and India), Syndic offers industry expertise in Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing & Engineering, Healthcare, Technology, Retail & e-Commerce, and Government sectors.

Syndic’s market structure offers customers a single point contact at the local level for support operations and brings together geographically focused teams to meet local needs and deliver customized solutions. Working together with a client’s technology segments, Syndic provides a powerful conduit through which information and know-how flow to the customers for a viable synergy.

Our Story


The word originates from a Latin word “Syndicus” – means ‘one appointed to represent a corporation, university or other organizations in business transactions’, to be precise, ‘a business consul’. Standing true to the word, we at Syndic bring forth superior and world class consulting experience with great value and guarantee growth of your organization.

CORE VALUES: "the way we do business"

Justness, transparency, and cohesion are our core values in building our aspiration. Our values remain constant against any business and technological tides

STRENGTH FACTORS: "we rely on"

Strong expertise in the core segments
Flexible business model to integrate clients operation
Lucrative solutions - not to miss factor
Retention of customer values as capital
Value selling part of corporate culture

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