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"Staff augmentation, critically acclaimed as an outsourced component in an entity which interlinked with multiple verticals inside an organization based on prevailing requirements and progressive objectives." - Going forward entities implies on manning to be more lean and remote.


Ur 26 is a boutique manning solution offered by Syndic. We established Ur 26 to support some of the leading and forward-thinking organizations in the US. At Syndic, we consider that every fortnight is very critical for an organization when it comes to mapping their vision strategically, and the same applies to man the resources. Ur 26 is a comprehensive solution for 26 fortnights in a year to address this need. For over five years, we have worked closely with segments such as technology-enabled companies, government entities, healthcare industries, BFSI verticals, and many more. Our laser-focused objective is to understand the challenges in the systems, and to address the void with the right professionals at the right time.

Today, the world now about digitization and technology holds the importance in every aspect of our being. As evolution take its stride, we at Syndic opened our gates to meet the ever-growing manning needs in the industry. Our team of experienced technical recruiters and managers complement the creative manning excellence through Syndic eco-system.

Ur 26 is a delivery-obsessed digital resource vertical, amalgamating creative and technology talents with critical verticals in every industry. At 2020 we believe in the New Renaissance and position ourselves as "Neoluvian Man" the game-changer, to illustrate the future relationship of humans and technology.