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““I think that it will be the mobile technologies, both from the enterprise and the consumer side, where future opportunities will come from. I still believe that social networking in combination with mobile will create opportunities for the years to come.”


Many organizations are marching towards enterprise mobility to be on par or at times, surpass other organizations in providing customers ease of transaction and ensure customer retention.

Some of the common challenges in such a march can be attributed to sky-rocketing cost, compliance, integration, and security. Another challenge can be attributed to lack of enterprise mobility strategy, and a well-defined plan or approach towards enterprise mobility deployments. As in any deployment, organizations accrue maximum user-acceptance and ROI and reduce time to market if they have a carefully-planned approach towards enterprise mobility.

As an outcome, organizations have to define an exhaustive enterprise mobility strategy that could include details about devices, applications, data accessibility, and network connectivity. Added to that is choosing a single vendor to ensure uniformity, reduce support issues and costs, and maximize ROI.

Network security and data security are two major factors that organizations need to carefully address. A mobile solution that provides maximum network and data security coupled with consistent user experience would be a great value-add.

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