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"The Internet of Things tell us that a lot of computer-enabled appliances and devices are going to become part of this system, too: appliances that you use around the house, that you use in your office, that you carry around with yourself or in the car. That's the Internet of Things that's coming."

Vint Cerf

It is indeed astounding when technology transforms into an easy phase and brings everything at your reach. Internet of Things or IoT is one which devices, data, processes, and people are being connected to the Internet to share information with each other seamlessly; thereby creating newer experiences and unparalleled growth opportunities for individuals or businesses. With the growing use of smart devices to control and monitor electromechanical and electronic systems, the Internet of Everything is finding extensive usage in almost every sphere of life, be it home and building automation, environmental monitoring, healthcare systems, industrial applications and so on.

Syndic is extending its frontiers into the IoT space with an agenda of helping businesses take maximum benefit of the interesting space of IoT. Syndic has focused into this by aligning with industrial experts and developers to address the challenges of securely connecting and managing devices within IoT.

Syndic’s dedicated IoT experts have created and tested a platform which ensures that devices from heterogeneous brands can interact seamlessly with each other in the IoT world.