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Syndic Corp is a boutique global business service entity. It partners with its clients to deliver end-to-end customer engagement services, technology innovation and support, process optimization, and business improvements. Syndic transforms the customer experience, and streamlines industry-specific processes to provide the highest value from every customer interaction. Focusing on four geo-regions (US, Africa, Middle East and India), Syndic offers industry expertise in Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing & Engineering, Healthcare, Technology, Retail & e-Commerce, and Government sectors.
Syndic’s market structure offers customers a single point contact at the local level for support operations and brings together geographically focused teams to meet local needs and deliver customized solutions. Working together with a client’s technology segments, Syndic provides a powerful conduit through which information and know-how flow to the customers for a viable synergy


The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it.

Alphonso Jackson
The extra effort Syndic puts into outsourcing transformation strategy, conciliation and transition serve much the same purpose to achieve the extra mile. Syndic classifies its outsourcing component - whether domestic SMEs or global conglomerates, the brass-tacks for each successful and long-term alliance...
Syndic’s Outsourcing practice merges global standards with expertise in the crucial areas like procurement, information technology, change management, shared services, offshoring and re-shoring. Syndic works extensively with outsourcing vendors worldwide; is updated on the current market trends...

The key of making acquisitions is being ready because you really never know when the right big one is going to come along.

James McNerney
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are changing the face of business sectors through consolidation and divestment, the overall management still remains a challenge for family businesses and entrepreneurs. We identified that Business Management in today’s context is more than a good business idea deployed into revenue generation...
Today, boundaries have disappeared, cultures are opening up, the tyranny of place and time has been defeated and diversification is synonymous with risk mitigation –all in exchange for cost-effective, time-saving, customer-centric best practices that have given a whole new meaning...

50 per cent of businesses believe integration of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in the workplace can increase productivity

Absolute Software
Some of the common challenges in such a march can be attributed to sky-rocketing cost, compliance, integration, and security. Another challenge can be attributed to lack of enterprise mobility strategy, and a well-defined plan or approach towards enterprise mobility deployments...
We at Syndic, are uniquely positioned to leverage our rich expertise in enterprise mobility solutions. We can be your ideal mobile technology partner, providing you robust, feature-rich and sustainable mobility solutions, perfectly catering to your diverse organizational needs...

When it comes to professionalism, it makes sense to talk about being professional in IT. Standards are vital so that IT professionals can provide systems that last.

Tim Berners-Lee
Syndic, in association with global leaders, offers financial, education, distribution and manufacturing software systems that have enviable reputation for their features-rich and easy to use functionality. It is our customized solution that truly sets our client solutions apart...
Our process is highly consultative. Our Business Analysts work very closely with you and your team, to meticulously define what is needed not only from everyday operations but also from strategic management viewpoint...

“Firms need to ensure that their ability to provide effective service keeps pace with their growth. If you’re marketing your firm to new customers, you better be able to provide them service when they do business with you"

Arthur Levitt – former chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
Syndic enables to proliferate access to modern-day business services by catalyzing in the emerging markets. Enterprise support and business growth in this sector is our predominant area of expertise to offer for entities that are in focus and need.
We offer business support services to an array of Startups, Small, Medium and large enterprises in specific industry segments. In concrete standings, this means that we assist organizations to fine-tune their business models, sales and marketing strategies, and business distribution network. Also, advise and train them on best business practices, corporate governance and sustainability. Our ecosystem runs unique access to B2B linkages between industry players benefits our partners to run the last mile with ease.

Why Choose Us?

Eminence of Prowess

Syndic has established its eminence of prowess with a business attitude that focuses on delivering results-propelled services and solutions that help you fuse business and technology and gain a prominent stage at the strategic business cycle.

At Syndic, we are driven by a passion for having an optimism on the on the lives of people associated. We recognize that the key to your long-term success is to anticipate your future needs and develop new services on innovative yet cost-effective technologies that enable you to grow and transform your business while providing you with a distinct competitive advantage.


Getting IT right requires a unique thought process. We believe that to get IT right and get optimum results, requires constant shift process towards our perspective of technology and business. By enabling a right balance towards strategy and structure IT becomes more in fuse with the business

As integral part of the business, business strategy is determined with IT at its stack and embedded into the very roots of the business. Syndic helps derive at a fusion into every facet of the business.
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